Oh how I wish DL stood for Down Low.  Though I guess that sort of applies here as well.  

Unfortunately last night yours truly suffered yet another major injury while showing his athletic prowess on the field.  In the bottom of the 6th inning of what became a close game, while charging in for a low line-drive I snapped my Achilles tendon.  At first it felt like someone had nailed me in the back of the leg with a baseball (or for those who know our rinks, it's not uncommon for a cricket ball to come flying into our rink as well, though no one was playing on this night).  After going down I sat there dumbfounded for a few minutes.  The pain was different from my knee injury, not as long-lasting initially, and I was able to put pressure on the foot a little, but obviously it was still weak and not able to flex.

The pain has grown worse ever since, but luckily I have some meds they gave me at the ER, though it's taking a bit to get used to those.  I have an ortho appointment later this week where I'll get official confirmation, but I hope to get in for surgery and get on the road to recovery ASAP.  Luckily I have received some good reviews of the place I am going on Thursday, and have high hopes for a speeDEE recovery.

That said my 2010 season is very likely over.  As a player that is.  I'm lucky enough to have 3 other guys in the league office so even if I'm totally out for a few days or what not, the HRL will chug along just fine.  I hope to make it out for as many games as possible but right now I'm just trying to cope with not being able to drive or take care of things around the house and/or yard.

People often ask me is it hard to say I hurt myself playing wiffleball?  I always retort with, 'Why should it?'.  I've heard of people getting hurt in more embarrassing ways.  We do run bases and field.  We don't glamorize it as some rigorous activity, but it's a sport nonetheless.  Injuries happen all the time elsewhere in life, slipping in the shower, on ice, playing Guitar Hero.  Though I hate sitting out I do it without embarrassment or remorse that people know why.  I love wiffleball, I'll get this fixed and be back out there, apparently risking injury again ;)

Before I go I just wanted to send out a quick note of thanks to those who sent me well-wishes or emails.  Sorry if I didn't reply to everyone, but I appreciate it, it goes to show the HRL is one big family with many friends as well.  And a special thanks to those who were there and helped me last night, my teammates, Colt 45s and Marlins, etc.  And I especially owe one to Box and his wife.  For giving me a ride and advice on what to do and where to go.

OK, enough about me...
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# Vlade
Wednesday, May 19, 2010 7:46 AM
In a sign of solidarity with our commish, the BJ's are contemplating moving up "Bedpan Night" to help with his current lack of mobility...

We probably won't do it, but we'll at least contemplate it.
# chops
Thursday, May 20, 2010 8:35 AM
That sucks Dee. I'm bummed for you.

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