Q&A with Andy “K-Mart” Gillund

He goes by K-Mart. A select few think of him as Chewy – that loveable hairy badass behemoth who was always loyal to his friends. Regardless of what he is called, he is an HRL institution. His pink socks (that went unwashed for much of the Summer/Fall of 04). His duties as Social Director for the HRL. Pub Crawls. His no-holds-barred willingness to poop and pee all over the message board when called for. His adamant insistence that you fix your avatar you noob! His love for the history of this league. With 130 HRL games under his belt at press time, he is already an old-timer in just his 5th year in the league. He only plays 2 games per night and he believes that there should be a vibrant off-season which does not include any wiffles, but he is nonetheless the mart01league’s biggest fan. He is a past winner of our Cust Award and he always places in the top vote getters in that category. This guys exemplifies how to play the game. He likes to play hard while having fun. K-Mart wants you to have fun too. He also wants you to go out to the bar with him afterward for some food and spirits and conversation. 

Chewy is the glue that holds the Twins together. In many ways, he is the glue that keeps the HRL together as well. Gillund is one of the most underrated players in the game. A remarkably consistent pitcher whose ERA has been between 3.50 and 3.75 for each of his 4 full seasons with a career 35-23 record. He also bats the hell out of that ball. Damn good fielder to boot - making 94 % of the plays cleanly. This is his Side of Cheese.

K-Mart was born and raised in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. He played a lot of wiffle ball growing up – usually in his mom’s front yard or his neighbor’s yard – and only with the yellow bats. Tiny Chewy and his friends kept a notebook documenting all of their HR. These days he lives in NE Minneapolis and spends his days as a CPA – more specifically a tax accountant. His old teammate Jon heard Truck talking about the league he wanted to start on KFAN back in the spring of 04.  Jon gave Edgar, Nelson and Andy a call and they formed a team.  He almost never made it into the HRL. When Edgar and Andy drove down to Rahn Park to check out a practice, they were really close to turning around when they got there based solely on the sight of Mikey P. Andy claims to have a hairy posterior – but I think we all knew that though.

mart02Q: Fondest HRL memory?
A: Obviously winning The Cup was my fondest memory.  I also really enjoyed the original Sabath Wiffles and Wifflestock during the 04 playoffs.   Pretty much the entire 04 season.

Q: Hardest Pitcher to bat against  
A: Doc  

Q: Toughest out when pitching?  
A: Shirls 

Q: Favorite kind of cheese?  
A: Pepperjack 

Q: Favorite 3 beverages?  
A: Ice cold water, Beer, and Raspberry Ice Tea 

Q: Pick your ideal 3 Burger toppings:  
A: Onions, Mushrooms, a second burger

Q: You are stuck on a desert island and get 3 unlimited foods - what are they?  
A: Prime Rib, Cheez-its,  Hot Wings 

Q: Favorite 3 movies?  
A: Big Lebowski, Clerks, Pulp Fiction

Q: Favorite 3 TV Shows?  
A: Shield, 24, Office  

Q: Rank the pro sports (rank 5)  
A: Baseball, Football, Hockey, Basketball,  Lumberjack Competition.

Q: How many countries have you stepped foot in? Name them:  
A: 3  US, Canada, Mexico  - In that order 

Q: What is the most you have ever bet on something?  
A: I think I've thrown down 50 a couple times in blackjack.  Otherwise 20 is the standard bet with friends.   

Q: How many pairs of shoes do you own?  
A: I'm actually flirting with a girly amount of shoes.  I think I have 12 but three pairs are cleats and three pair are flip flops.   

Q: 3 Fears:    
A: Losing my parents,  sea monsters, snakes

Q: What is your primary source for news?  
A: startribune.com 

Q: Favorite 3 bands:  
A: GNR, Pearl Jam, Zep 

Q: What is your headache remedy of choice?  
A: A handful of whatever is in the medicine cabinet at work

Q: Soccer... Thumbs up or down?  
A: Two thumbs down 

Q: Who is your favorite Dave?  
A: Famous Dave but close second is Dave Thomas

Q: Favorite animal:   
A: Dog - Golden Retriever 

Q: Mayo or Miracle Whip?  
A: Easy on the Miracle Whip

Q: Chunky or creamy peanut butter?   
A: Jif Chunky for a chunky boy 

Q: Favorite 3 Twin Cities restaurants:     
A: Krua Thailand,  Holy Land,  Macs Fish and Chips

Q: Least favorite smell:   
A: My bathroom on Sunday morning 


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