Hey, everyone! This Saturday night, July 9th, is quickly approaching, and I wanted to send a quick note with some details.  First, congratulations to the participants for being selected to represent your respective cities.  A list of the participants for each event can be found here.

As mentioned before, we'll try to get the ball rolling sometime around 5:30 at Valley Park in Hopkins.  If you have any questions, etc. just let me know.

Below is a rough outline of the night's activities. Note that all times are approximate and subject to change that night.  But you should recognize the format and events from previous years. Definitely excited to see all of you on Saturday night.



Pre 5:30pm: Arrival
I'm sure people will show up a little early and start the grillin' and swillin'.
5:30pm: Home Run Derby
The top 5 HR hitters from each city, based on HRr, go head-to-head.

6:30pm: The N00b-Star Game? The n00bs battle it out in what is usually a competitive and entertaining event. The n00bs are hard to come by this year, so we'll try to get some of them out there to play a few innings and show off their skillz, but don't be surprised if we have to either improvise, or skip onto the main event (lower case):
7:15pm: Fun-Star Game 
The Fun Stars get involved and turn the night on its head. They provide the interlude with their own brand of entertainment. Fireworks, wrestling masks, Iron Man, the Village People, Edward 40 Hands.

8:00pm: All-Star Game The Main Event (upper case). A 9-inning or 2 hour contest of the best players in each city!

10:00pm - ?: After-bar?
Since city parks basically 'close' at 10PM, and as often happens anyway, some of the HRL's faithful usually venture to the local drinking establishments. Nothing officially organized, but with our festivities ending at such an early hour, I'm sure word will spread at the field to those parties that are interested.

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