1st Round series at a glance






#1 Reds (25-8) vs #4 Indians (24-11)

Season Series: Reds, 3-1
Apr 23: Indians 2, Reds 1
Apr 23: Reds 6, Indians 1
Aug 6: Reds 5, Indians 1
Aug 6: Reds 4, Indians 1

The Skinny: Forget the fact that the Indians are the low seed and the Reds are the top seed. These division rivals know each other well, and have the history to back it up. The clubs who met for the Eagan City Finals last year once again meet, this time in the first round. While the Commies have the edge in the all-time meetings, ‘da Tribe has tons of postseason experience to draw from, making this truly anyone’s series.

Commish says: Reds pitching is too tough, it comes down to game 3-- Reds win it on a Spoon walk-off. 






#2 Tigers (24-8) vs #3 Expos (22-15)

Season Series: Tigers, 2-0
Jun 4: Tigers 6, Expos 5
Jun 4: Tigers 5, Expos 2

The Skinny: These city rivals also have historcially played one another tough. If there’s any team in Eagan that can give the Tegroes fits, it’s The X. This will be the first time these two clubs have met in the playoffs, as The X try to shake their now-famous three year jinx of bowing out in the first round. The Tigers, meanwhile, appear to be hungry for The Cup at a time where in the past their interest has waned. It will be interesting to see how far the Tegroes can get with the will to win this time ‘round.

Commish says: All indications are the Tegroes are planning to bring their A-game, and that’s not good ju-ju to end any jinx with. Trust me. With a leaguewide bandwagon backing them, The X fights valiantly, but the Tigers win in 3 games.








#1 Braves (26-8) vs #4 White Sox (22-15)

Season Series: split, 1-1
Jun 7: Braves 12, White Sox 10
Jun 7: White Sox 11, Braves 9

The Skinny: In the first ever matchup between these two clubs back in June, the wind aided many balls well out of Central Park, not that either of these teams need the help. This series is the one most likely to have nothing resembling a pitchers’ duel, as the noob White Sox look to derail the title dreams of the HRL’s kings of the regular season, The Braves, in what is sure to be a sluigfest.

Commish says: The Whities were truly a competitive elixir on the Hopkins side this year and really shook things up, but this could well be the Braves year. Gotta go with the Braves in three, with tons of runs.






#2 Red Sox (23-14) vs #3 Twins (18-16)

Season Series: Red Sox, 2-0
May 7: Red Sox 1, Twins 0
May 7: Red Sox 3, Twins 2

The Skinny: They played two real tight ballgames back in May, but the truth is, these aren’t the same teams now that faced each other in May. The Twins are limping into the playoffs, having to hold off the A’s in the final week to not only keep their playoff spot alive, but also salvage a winning record. The defending champs, however, have played pretty lackadaisical ball all year, and conventional wisdom points to these guys kicking it back up to their usual dominant style of play for the playoffs. This is the last team a struggling Twins squad wants to face to open the playoffs.

Commish says: If the Sox kick their game up a notch, fuhgeddaboutit. Sox sweep it in two.

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