PADRES!!! Score Major Free Agent Victory
Ted "Costa Rica" Spilseth is Coaxed Out of Retirement

Ted Spilseth is leaving Los Angeles to return to Minnesota
Wiffles on the horizon:  Ted "Costa Rica" Spilseth is leaving Los Angeles to return to Minnesota

In a move that re-shocked the entire wiffle community, the PADRES of the Hopkins West division managed to entice Ted Spileth from his L.A. home to rejoin the team in Minnesota this summer.  After the PADRES annual endorsement meeting, Ted "Costa Rica" Spilseth inked an incentive-laden deal to get him back in the league.

When reached for comment, team General Manager Bryan "Shirls" Shirley said: "We have been struggling at the plate and having issues with players not showing up for games.  Last week’s game we were down to three players and next week looks to be more of the same.  We need some more bodies out there, especially in this heat!" 

In last week’s game two loss to the White Sox the fatigue was apparent as the PADRES looked exhausted on the field.   No place was this more clear that on the hill where Jim "Westy" West looked like he was struggling "I just had nothing left.  NOTHING."

This move was said to be aided by Westy who has known Ted since eighth grade.  "I made a personal appeal.  We needed to do something to add a spark to the lineup."  Ted and Jim had been teammates on the 2004 Brewers.

Ted had signed with the PADRES before the 2006 season only to retire from wiffle ball and move to Los Angeles.

The PADRES can use Ted’s bat and arm as they attempt to get back into the playoff race.  Ted has 29 career homeruns in 207 at bats with an on base percentage well over .400.  Ted’s pitching was just as impressive, finishing second in the city in 2005 with a 1.68 ERA and a league leading .95 BB/6 innings rate. Ted’s control, both on the mound at the plate will be a welcome addition to the team. 

Spilseth plans to join the team in time for the June 25th game against the Cardinals at Hopkins Central Park.

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