Q&A with Mike “Bork” Bortke
Back here again folks and this time I visit with Mike Bortke of the HRL Indians. He also goes by Borky or Bork or Bork Nuts on the message board where he seems to have a proclivity for “running the gauntlet.” This is a message board tradition that he started where he posts something in every single thread at strange hours when he may or may not have had a beer or two. As such he is one of the few to claim the title of HRL Champ. He was a part of the winning 2005 Indians team.  

Borky at the '06 Fun Star GameMike is a fixture on the Fun Star team but he is no slouch between the lines either. He hit 12 HR last year and checks in with a career best .269 avg at the time of press. He grew up in Crystal Minnesota and currently resides in South Minneapolis with his wife of 7 years Liz and no pets. He currently works at banner Creations where he works as a graphic production designer. In a previous career, he worked with people who have suffered spinal cord injuries helping them rehabilitate. I bet you didn’t know that Bork spent the night of his 21st birthday with 2 girls who made him cupcakes and brought him some milk. Yes – Bork drinks milk. Suffice it to say that everybody loves Borky.  I recently sat down with Mike to ask him a few questions.

Q: Favorite Baseball Player?
A: The Doc – Dwight Gooden 

Q: Mayo or Miracle Whip?
A: Miracle Whip 

Q: Soccer?
A: No 

Q: Favorite comedy movie?
A: Dumb and Dumber 

Q: Favorite Drama?
A: Pulp Fiction

Q: Favorite TV Show?
A: Rescue Me

Q: Favorite Actress?
A: Julie Bowen 

Q: Beverage of Choice?
A: Captain & Coke 

Q: Stranded on a desert island – what 3 foods do you choose to have unlimited supplies of?
A: Crab Legs, Mushroom-Swiss Burgers and Egg Drop Soup 

Q: Fave 3 Bands?
A: The Who, NWA and Cracker 

Q: Would you rather be locked in a completely empty room for 3 straight days with a bible or with Dr. Phil?
A: I would choose Dr. Phil and I would fight him for 3 days

Q: If the Tribe disbanded what HRL team would you most likely join?
A: Twins

Q: Toughest Pitcher to face?
A: The Spoon

Q: Toughest Hitter?
A: Everybody

Q: Speak French?
A: No

Q: Favorite Magazine?
A: Hit Parader

Q: Worst injury ever?
A: I had a tonsillectomy once and lost 30 lbs during the recovery process

Q: Do you eat sardines?
A: No – but I eat kipper snacks

Q: Favorite kind of cheese?
A: Swiss


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