Q&A with Matt “Chops” Travaille
Here it comes. It is back. The Side of Cheese – where we take some time to get to know a few things about some of our fellow HRL wifflers. Here comes Matt Travaille – you know him as “Chops” on the message board and in the rink. Chops is the quiet Brave. He is also one of the most feared hitters in the league.  He was the first winner of the MVP award in the HRL back in the inaugural season. He has hit 62 HR already in his HRL career and he is not even in his prime yet. Matt is also the logo – that’s right – the HRL logo is a silhouette of his sweet swing. Chops lives in Uptown where is a recent homeowner.  He works for the Graphic Design firm Rotor located in NE Minneapolis.  He likes that job.  However his dream job would be a relief pitcher with job security for a West Coast MLB team – or perhaps a leadoff hitting CF for any MLB team.  He grew up in Ocheydan, Iowa (pop 500) on a farm where his family raised corn, soybeans and alfalfa. I bet you didn’t know he was the all time leading scorer on his JV basketball team in high school. I recently sat down for some Q & A with this stalwart of the HRL:

cheese01_01Q: Favorite Comedy Movie:
A: Office Space or Supertroopers – also love The Royal Tenenbaums or anything else by Wes Anderson

Q: Favorite Drama?
A: Seven

Q: Favorite HRL wiffle moment?
A: Probably the Braves long winning streak in season 1 or the game against the Mets back when they had Coop and Al where I hit the first pitch of the game for a HR and later robbed a HR at the fence and the final score was 1-0.

Q: Who have you least liked to face when hitting?
A: The Pirate or Doc – one of those two

Q: Toughest hitter to pitch to?
A: Anybody on the Expos or Dr. Jesus

Q: Favorite bands?
A: Modest Mouse and Bright Eyes but that new Son Volt album is the best I have heard in awhile.

Q: Favorite MLB player of all time?
A: Andruw Jones or Greg Maddux

Q: Soccer?
A: No

Q: If you had to pick a new first name what would it be?
A: Not sure – but it would be initials.

Q: Favorite meat?
A: Sirloin steak

Q: Beverage of choice?
A: Pepsi

Q: How many states have you been in?
A: 30-35

Q: Countries?
A: 8 – I lived in Europe for 4 months

Q: How many bowel movements do you have each day?
A: 3 – I like to go at the earliest sign.

Q: Favorite shoe brand?
A: Mizuno for cleats – Adidas or Converse otherwise

Q: A Fashion Don’t?
A: I don’t like the high cropped shirts/blouses ladies are wearing right now.

Q: If you could play on one other HRL team who would it be?
A: Not an Eagan team for sure – probably the Padres.

Q: Favorite kind of cheese?
A: Pepperjack

That’s it for Chops folks – be back next week to visit with an Eaganite to be named later.

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