Well, all... without further adieu, we officially release the HRL Twin Cities site to the public.  It's by far our most ambitious and in-depth effort yet, but at least initially, it's going to have its share of bugs and missing data.  Allow me to explain.

For the first two seasons of the league, I ran the site with minimal help.  Sure there were guys who penned an article or a game recap here and there (all in the archives, I might add), but last year, Craig "Dee" Deelsnyder appraoached me with a great idea.  See, Dee is a web programmer who really knows his stuff, and since he was about to spend his second season on the DL after blowing his knee out, he offered up his expertise and allowed our site to have box scores and automated sortable stats, all firsts for our league and reall unheard of for a wiffleball website...

Well, this past offseason, we took things way further than that.  As you can plainly see, we have redesigned things, and on top of that, every single game ever played in this league is now in the archives.  We're talking well over 700 games of wiffle action here, folks.  On top of that, we're working feverishly at the HRL Offices to get every bit of the league's archives up there.  That means photos, articles, audio, video and game recaps going back to 2004.  TONS of material.  A stat-lover's dream.

Dee's database-driven machine that powers this site is phenomenal.  After all the bugs are worked out and all the features are enabled in the coming weeks, (and even well before), you'll experience wiffles like it has never been shown before.  Thought we were the #1 wiffle website in the world before?  We just lapped the compeition.  And it's all for you, the wiffle enthusiast, whether you're in the HRL or not.  We sincerely hope you enjoy this site (why else would we risk divorce to bring it to you?), and if you find any errors or bugs, please email me at truck@hrltwincities.com, and let me know what the problem is, as well as what browser version you're using.

Again, thanks for all your patience, and happy wifflin'!

~Truck 'n Dee, your HRL Web Team

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