Q & A with Matt "M-Ski" Nowaczewski

Known simply as M-Ski around the league and on the MB (where he is an HRL Deity with 321 posts), Matt has been one of the two pillars (with brother J-Ski) of the HRL-best Expos since their inception last year. Matt was one of the League's premier long ball threats last year hitting 15 HR in limited at bats (he had the 2nd best HR/AB ratio in the league). This year he is a little off that pace with 7 long balls heading into the final week of play but he is poised to bust out once again in the playoffs.

cheese_05_01He is a 30 year old with a passion for bird watching who grew up in, and continues to reside in, St Paul's West 7th neighborhood. He is married with 2 kids (Sam 5, Amelia 2) and a third inbound. He works for the Metropolitan Airports Commission as a police officer and has done so for the past 6 years.  He sees himself doing this job right up until retirement (although his dream job might have been something in environmental sciences like field biology). M-Ski has been playing wiffles since he could walk. He played with his bro and teammate Marcus Munson through childhood all the way up until high school. 

Years from now when present HRLers are retired from the game, we will think back to the lasting image of M-Ski that he has imprinted in our heads - In left field – between innings – leaning against the boards – with a can of beer in his hand and a huge smile on his face. M-Ski loves the HRL and all that it represents and for that he will always be a member of the HRL's hallowed halls.

Q: What is your favorite HRL moment?
A: Every single moment is my favorite – I just soak it all up and take in every second – it is a blast being able to play ball alongside my brother.

Q: Most embarrassing moment?
A: I had talked the league up to my dad for a long, long time. Finally he came to a game and I went hitless.

Q: Favorite MLB Player of all time?
A: Kent Hrbek

Q: If you could face any MLB player in wiffle ball who would you choose?
A: I would want Nolan Ryan to pitch to me.

Q: Which HRL player do you least like to face?

Q: Stuck on a desert island, you get 3 unlimited foods – what are they?
A: My wife's sausage, beans and rice dish; my mom's shrimp dip & chips; my dad's clam chowder

Q: Beverage of choice?
A: Diet Mountain Dew

Q: Favorite 3 bands or musicians?
A: Social Distortion, Jimmy Buffett, Real McKenzies

Q: If you could make one musician or band go away?
A: Seal – who actually listens to Seal?

Q: Crunchy or Smooth Peanut Butter?
A: JIF smooth

Q: Miracle Whip or Mayo?
A: Miracle Whip – I have been known to even make a plain miracle whip sandwich.

Q: Soccer?
A: Thumbs up – Beckham is dreamy

Q: Hockey?
A: Thumbs down – hockey players smell really bad

Q: 3 favorite movies of all time?
A: Any of the Star Wars movies, any of the Lord of the Rings movies; True Romance – tied with the Christmas Carol with George C. Scott

Q: Britney or Christina?
A: Madonna

That's it for this week – next week we head back to Hopkins to talk to a veteran player…who will it be????

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