Q & A with Josh "Ten" Carroll

For the third installment, I have decided to look to an Eagan Newbie – Josh "Ten" Carroll. He is known as Ten_Point_Zero on the MB where he has posted 182 times as of this article going to press. Josh is a single guy who lives in Saint Paul. He is 26 years old and works in a surgery clinic. He grew up just a stone's throw to the East in the vibrant suburb of Woodbury. Apparently, Ten has twice had the chicken pox.

cheese_03_0102Ten has been playing wiffle in the backyard from the ripe age of 7 with 5 or 6 kids from the neighborhood.  He was voted onto the Fun Star team this year – being one of only a handful of newbies to earn the immediate respect of his peers for the manner in which he conducts himself in the rink. He also earned his nickname "Ten" by showing up to spring training games and displaying a keen batting eye – taking many a pitch. Since the league's resident walk-a-thon already bore the nickname Nine, it only seemed fitting for this new Zen master to be the next in the line of numbered nicknames.  This year, Ten is hitting slightly below the Mendoza line but his 21 BB's give him an OBP better than most HRL stalwarts. He is also no joke on the hill – compiling a 4-3 record with over 7 K's per 6.  The first time this author saw Ten in action on the field – complete with his matching red, white and blue wrist bands and headband – like a cross between Johnny Mac and Olivia Newton John in the movie Perfect (was she in that? I don't think so), this author knew that Ten was destined for great things in the HRL.

Q: Favorite memory of the year so far?
A: Definitely watching Angela take Alex deep.

Q: Favorite memory of the Pub Crawl?
A: Hearing Cota's wife say "Josh no!" a couple of times.

Q: Most embarrassing moment of the year?
A: During a Saturday pickup game before the season started I hit the ball and then face planted just outside the batter's box. That was bad – but another one is that I was the first pitcher to give up a hit and RBI to Gusto.

Q: Dream job?
A: MLB Umpire

Q: If you could face one major leaguer in wiffle ball – who would it be?
A: I would like to pitch to Jeter

Q: Favorite MLB Player of all time?
A: Rickey Henderson

Q: HRL player least like to face?
A: I don't like to face Doc when he is pitching.

Q: Stuck on an island – what 3 foods do you bring along?
A: Jimmy's burrito from La Cucaracha, Chicken Wings (hot), peanuts.

Q: Beverage of choice?
A: Güsser Beer

Q: Favorite 3 bands or musicians?
A: Miles Davis, Depeche Mode, Metallica

Q: Crunchy or smooth peanut butter?
A: Creamy if for a sandwich

Q: Miracle Whip or Mayo?
A: I hate both.

Q: Soccer?
A: Thumbs way up – I am starting a team next year if any of you are interested…

Q: Hockey?
A: Thumbs way up.

Q: Favorite 3 movies?
A: On the Waterfront, North by Northwest, Alien.

And that's it folks – Ten is a well rounded guy – he has a taste for quality Mexican food and old movies and diverse musical tastes – and he loves Rickey. That rules. Next week - TBD

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