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Hello everyone, and welcome to this little tidbit by yours truly... The Steve. First things first, let's talk about some predictions for the up and coming year.  I will give you my predictions for the division winners', how they'll place, playoff final 4 and the Champion.  So here we go...

Eagan AL Division
Lets start with the Eagan AL.  With Truck on the mound I can't think of any other team to go with for 1st place but the Royals. They were strong last year.  I do not see a change in that.  Next would be the Yanks... with a solid year last year, I see the same from them this year...  I figure right in the middle of the pack.  Rounding things out, I see Senators above Indians.  So in order:

1. Royals
2. Senators
3. Yankees
4. Indians

Eagan NL Division
Next on our list is the Eagan NL.  I can't do anything but put my boys-- The X in the drivers seat.  They are going to do some things this year and I support them 100%.  Next on the list would be my guess the Mets. Hey... they got Pedro and Beltran, why should these Mets do any worse. Now to round out the division... Cardinals and Cubs. Both will upset some teams but don't expect too much from these two clubs.

1. The X
2. Mets
3. Cards
4. Cubs

The Eagan playoff teams:
1. Royals
2. Expos
3. Mets
4. Senators

My guess is Royals vs Expos for the title, With The X coming away with the pennant.

Onto the Hopkins side of things...

Hopkins AL Division
Well I am a Mass boy so my nod goes to the Red Sox.  Sorry, just the way it is.  Next in line comes Hop A team followed by the good old Twins and then Hop B.

1. Red Sox
2. Hop A
3. Twins
4. Hop B

Hopkins NL Divison
I am going to give this one to a team I used to like... the Braves.  Next in line, Padres... they deserve something. Next on the block... Brewers... got to love the beer makers. Finally the Dodgers. They would have placed higher on my list but any franchise that picked up Derek Lowe doesn't get any more respect from me. But then again, that's half the reason the Red Sox placed high in my predicions.

1. Braves
2. Padres
3. Brewers
4. Dodgers

The Hopkins playoff teams:
1. Red sox
2. Braves
3. Padres
4. Hop A

I'm going to have to say Red Sox vs Padres for the pennant.  Give this one to the Sox.

Now to the World Series: The X vs the Sox

I say this one goes the distance, but The X take it in 7.  And we all rejoice.

Well everyone I hope you do well, and prove me right and wrong.  Remember this is all in good fun. Take care and I hope to hear from you soon.

Questions comments or concerns?  Contact The Steve.  Well, somewhere l hope to get an email address so you can do that, I guess. Until then... take care.

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