Just an update to keep you all in the so-called Wiffle Loop. I've been finalizing the schedules and rosters. I have emails out to the still unnamed AL East teams (Airport Cops and to Larry Walsh) so that we can get them named... because, you know, "Indians" just looks frickin' stupid on a schedule.

Also, with the holidays out of the way, I will be starting to formulate some ideas for a summer 2005 fundraising tournaments.  Though there was some brainstorming on this subject in the message board a month or so ago, I'm hoping to really move forward on this very soon and hope many of our crew will be on board. I know if we do this right, we'll really be able to make alot of folks very happy here in the Twin Cities.  More to come on this.

Baby Peeks!!!Congrats to the Pieklo family!
Major congrats to Kelly & Jess Pieklo (more commonly known as "Peeks"), who brought their first child into the world!  Owen Mason Pieklo was born on December 28th at 7:30 in the morning, weighing in at a robust 7 lbs, 10 oz. Congrats to the Pieklos from all of us in the HRLTC!

Funny MB post!
This was just too funny NOT to share with the masses (names changed to protect the innocent):

Registered: May 2004 Posted 12-30-04 12:18 PM
When I was in Idaho with Rita, we went to Denny's on Christmas Eve (apparently, it's THE thing to do in Pocatello, Idaho) and met one of her friends, a gay male friend, there. Her friend was desperate for some coffee at one point (service on Christmas Eve at Denny's is not what it once was) and grumbled, "Who do I have to blow to get some coffee around here?"

This teen bus boy comes from around the back with coffee and declares, "You don't have to blow anyone. Here's some coffee."

Disaster averted.

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