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OK, from an outsiders view (Very outside; think Dirty South, ATL outside), this season looks to be a shoo-in for the Royals to win their first Home Run League: Twin Cities championship with a duo of starting pitchers who have dominated the league in the past season, Cota and Truck. Truck was unstoppable last year (Except in the playoffs) and Cota has great pitching along with, from what I've heard, an average (or above so) bat. Also having Willie, a good power bat, should help the offense-less team get some offense.

The Twins look to be the second best team in the league (Again, from an outsiders view) just judging on how the team has stayed together from their championship season. I honestly don't remember anyone of note from the team (wink), but I'm sure they'll contend with the Royals.

With all these new expansion teams coming in, I'm overjoyed with the amount of people coming in. By doubling the team total from 8 to 16, the Commish has gone from 2 leagues of 4 teams each to 2 leagues of 2 divisons in each, and each division having 4 teams.

All I know is that I'll be watching this season, and it won't mean a damn thing to any of the TC guys. ;)


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