Hello all, and welcome.  For those of you who don't know who this is I will tell you. I am the one, the only "The Steve." I am reporting to you from the home and birthplace of the HRL, Massachusetts.  Where wiffleball is all you can be. Now onto what I have to say.

After further review of HRLTC, I have come to terms with the fact that there is more than one HRL in the US now. I want to make sure you all live up to the name and what it stands for.  I, "The Steve", am out here having an ok year at 4-4 with a great average and stats (as usual). 

The Steve set an HRL Park record in 2001 with 17 losses on the mound.

I want to talk about what's new in the east. As usual, the regulars are at the top fighting their way to playoff contention. With 22 guys in the league, it's as strong as ever, doing what it does best: growing and growing fast. 

Now onto what is on my mind…. Hmm… OK, so you guys think you can just start a league, use our name and flourish??? Well you better understand that it takes lots of commitment and pride to say, "I play for the HRL."  So you better just realize this is now a life commitment and deal with it, 'cause no midwest farmboys are going to bring down the name that yours truly as well as so many others have spent years building!  If we can do that, we will be alright.

Now for a little congrats to those lowly Expos.  It's tough, stick it out!  I have been there at 0-7 and finally got to the top in wins last year... Granted it still stands as championships: 0 for The Steve. Its only a matter of time. So keep up the good work and as always keep wiffling….

Talk to you soon right here with the Steve, from HRL East. Later.

Adam "The Steve" Sears is an HRL:TC writer as well as a player for the HRL in Massachusetts.  The Steve was a longtime writer for the HRL website from 2000-2003.  Comments or questions can be addressed to The Steve at the Message Board, or by emailing him at steveoadams1@aol.com.

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