Padres! Acquire Large Quantities of Silver...

Monday afternoon, PADRES! GM James West formally announced what sources had been whispering for weeks - the HRL's fathers has signed non-identical twin brothers Silver and The Kid. The bidding for the two was brisk and contentious as the PADRES! beat out five other interested teams for their services. The PADRES! are considering a name change to HERMANOS! because the team is now comprised of 3 sets of brothers: Silver and The Kid, Shirls and Nine, and Cheezy and Quick (different fathers).

From a wiffle standpoint coach Shirls expects to slot the up and coming Kid into the # 1 SP spot for years to come and fill the 2nd spot with either Nine or himself while the other player moves into a bullpen/closing role. Silver will be a top of the order hitter and fixture in the outfield where PADRES brass expect the unit to be among the best fielding teams with two Sticky Paw winners roaming the broken glass and wires.

With the departure of James “Westy” West from the field into a front office and part owner position, the team looked to improve itself on the field without compromising its legendary off field chemistry either. Tequila PADRES!!! Halo PADRES!!! X-Men The Board Game PADRES!!! By signing the HERMANOS! Plata, the PADRES! have achieved both goals. The quality make up of the HERMANOS! Plata, in addition to their obvious wiffling skillz, make the PADRES! the team to beat for years to come. The PADRES! are elated to have them in the organization. Word is that the first PADRES sleepover of the season may occur in the coming week as the new teamates are expected to embark on a series of trust falls. PADRES Hall of Fame Alumni are also expected to attend.


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