2007 World Series results:
9/3:    Game 1:  Braves 5, Reds 3                  Recap  |  Box Score
9/3:    Game 2:  Reds 3, Braves 0                  Recap  |  Box Score
9/5:    Game 3:  Reds 2, Braves 1  (7 inn)       Recap  |  Box Score
9/6:    Game 4:  Braves 1, Reds 0  (10 inn)*    Recap  |  Box Score 
9/6:    Game 5:  Reds 2, Braves 0                  Recap  |  Box Score
9/27:  Game 6:  Reds 5, Braves 4 (8 inn)**      Recap  |  Box Score

* - Game 4: After three complete innings in Eagan, the lights would not turn on, so the game was continued and finished the next night in Hopkins.  Game 5, though scheduled to be in Eagan, was played in Hopkins as well.
** - Game 6: Was started on 9/6 and postponed after one inning due to rain and finished on 9/27.

For the first time in league history, two #1 seeds will meet in the finals as the Reds (25-8) meet the Braves (26-8) in what promises to be an epic World Series. The matchup guarantees that for the 4th straight year, there will be a new possessor of The Cup as the defending champion Red Sox were dispatched in the Hopkins finals by the Braves.

How they got here:
Eagan Reds: The Reds did surprisingly well despite the absence of star pitcher Zack “Dr. Seuss” Eustis until nearly the All-Star break, most notably because of the previously unknown standout pitching of Steve “Palpatine” Payne in Zack’s stead. Upon Zack’s return, the club had an unstoppable troika of arms that no Eagan club could withstand. Brian “Spoon” Payne’s year-long success both on the mound and at the dish garnered serious MVP consideration, while slugger Tom “Jolly Red Giant” Lally was one of the top rookies in Eagan. The club made quick work of their division rivals, the Indians, with a 2-0 sweep in the first round, but ran into much stiffer competition in the Eagan finals as the Expos gave them the equivalent of a wiffle streetfight in every game, with the Reds crawling out of the brawl with a 3-1 series victory that was much closer than the outcome would indicate, The X proving a very worthy adversary. The Reds make their second straight World Series appearance, last year getting swept (as the Rockies), 4-0 to the Red Sox.

bravesHopkins Braves: The Braves dominated their opponents all year long with decent pitching, but most of all they used the bats to beat their foes to oblivion, posting eye-popping offensive numbers all year long. One HRL GM said “Most teams play down to their competition. Not the Braves. They don’t care if you’re 20-1 or 1-20, they show no mercy, no matter who you are.” While Jim “Edgar” Renneberg was stellar both pitching and hitting, it was southpaw veteran Matt “Chaps” Travaille who showed massive improvement on the mound, as stalwart Nick “Sanchez” Consoer broke his own record with a first-of-its-kind 40 homer campaign. There wasn’t much doubt throughout the year that the Braves would be the top club in Hopkins going into the playoffs, as no team really stepped up to challenge them during the season. The Braves easily cast aside the Spaz-less White Sox in the first round with a 2-0 sweep before meeting their arch-rival Red Sox in the Hopkins Finals for the third straight year. In one of the most epic playoff series of all-time, the Braves won the fifth and deciding game on a walkoff homer by Edgar in extras to give them a 1-0 win and their first ever World Series berth.

2007 Season series:
Reds, 2-0
Jun 28
Reds 2, Braves 0
Jun 28: Reds 7, Braves 6


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