Another season is almost in the books as the Colt .45s close their season in Eagan this Thursday against the hated Giants.  Speculation is already rampant across the league as the .45s players begin the (inevitable) search for their new homes.

Erik "Seibs" "Swede" Seiberlich:

A banner and record breaking year for the former Tegro skipper.  League record in saves for a squad with only 14 victories; another 20+ HR season, leading squad in Batting Average.  Seibs was almost the first mid-year trade (which coincidentally was going to occur while Truck was on vacation out east), but the .45s could not part with their closer since he was usually player #3. 

Projected 2010 squad: Tribe

Justin "Giustino" "Fella" Felicetta

Although Fella didnt make it to the park very often, his impact was felt league-wide.  GW-HR and out-dueling Hal to topple the Royals, .250+ BA and a bomb for every week in attendance. 

Projected 2010 squad: Braves

Ryan "Dutch" "Van" van Haaften

Comeback Player of the Year.  Dutch took the hill for the .45s, securing his role as the #2 starter.  Dutch hit for average and high OBP but turned in a few 5-HR weeks to flex the power totals.  Offered a multi-year contract on the .45s...spotted in Barcelona recently with another young ingenue.

Projected 2010 squad: Giants

Oluwole "Larry" "Wole" "Nightmare" Awoyinka

The Nightmare was another flash of brilliance and disappointment in 2009.  When on the field, the Nightmare dominated on the mound.  Trouble is law school (which is not that hard) got in the way for the young man.  A constant power threat at the plate, Wole couldnt get into a rhythm, but could benefit from a spot with a lot of ABs on his professed favorite Hopkins squad.

Projected 2010 squad: White Sox

John "Uncle John" Hennessy

Uncle John's pre-season commitment to make 75-80% of the games was a bold-faced lie. A patient eye and hints of opposite field power overcame fielding liabilities.  Also provides a licensed EMT on game nights.  Looks to have a very solid 2010 campaign with a year under his belt.

Projected 2010 squad: Blue Jays

So there you have it.  Colts begin the rebuilding phase of their season on September 13th. 

Will COOP don the six-shooters?  Is Toonces ready for a season on Sky Hill?  Will the disappointing play of DJ after the break mean he spends a year re-tooling with the .45s?

Molgs and Sanchez have some big decisions to make this year as the new crop of .45 talent appears set for banner campaigns next year. 



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