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Player Profile

Two Bat entered the league along with his two brothers, Spaz and Pork Buoy, in a wave of controversy. The trio of brothers, who's collective nickname became known as The O'Doyles, created the White Sox after playing wiffle ball in their parents front yard for 15 years. The team caused a stir in the leageu's top teams by by storming to a 22-15 record before losing to the Braves in the playoffs after brother eldest, Spaz, had to travel to faraway lands for educational purposes leaving Pork Buoy and Two Bat to fend for themselves.  Team O'Doyle breathed new life into the league with their abrasive personalities. Two Bat collected several awards while part of the White Sox before moving on to the newly created Devil Rays in 2015, another team that caused a stir with accusations of "collusion" and "insider trading" were thrown around due to the team's All-Star team lineup.


Grew up playing baseball in the Centennial High School area. He and his wife Amanda were married in 2015 and they now living in Bloomington.

Honors & Awards

National Hitter of the Year, 2009
Yellow Slammer, 2009
Alki of the Year, 2009
All Star Games, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014