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Player Profile

Web Gem made his HRL Debut with the Brewers in 2008.  He was primarily a batter and fielder his first two years before improving as a pitcher during his 3rd season.  He has thrown 5 no-hitters during his HRL career and was a member of the back to back HRL Champion Gothams in 2012 and 2013.  In 2014, he was named Eagan City MVP after posting an average of over .400, 30+ HRs and an ERA of just over 1.00.  He still holds the 5th longest hitting streak in the HRL at 28 games.


Web Gem (Wade) moved to the Twin Cities in 2007 with his future wife, Mia.   Spent much of his college years playing softball with his hometown friends in tournaments across MN before being introduced to wiffle ball.  He grew up playing basketball, baseball, track, and tennis.  Still a huge MN sports fan even though most of the teams are terrible.  Wade and Mia now reside in Shakopee with their 2 kids, Ali and Will, and their dogs Oscar and Zoe.

Honors & Awards

All-Star (Pitcher/Hitter), 2015
Eagan MVP, 2014
Yellow Slammer, 2014
All-Star (Fielder), 2012, 2013
Sticky Paw, 2010