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Player Profile

Began his career at Harley by watching the Braves turn the fields completely backwards in order to get a gusty 30 MPH wind at their backs, and proceeding to beat the White Sox 34-12 on the other field. It was at that point he realized that the Braves were the worst of all wiffles, a memory he's retained to this day. Also, he is the 2012 HRL batting champion. 


In his free time, Vlade enjoys spending time with Mrs. Vlade and their daughter, attention whoring, and complaining about anything and everything. 

Honors & Awards

2012 HRL Batting CHAMPION, bitches.
2009-2015 Fun Star
3 time All Star
2011, 2012 Most Improved Player
Won a round at the HR Derby once
2012 HRL Batting CHAMPION, bitches.



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