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Player Profile

Played college wiffleball with members of the W4W Hall of Fame Sheboygan Friars.  Upon graduation decided to put together a rag-tag (drunk and slow) team of hometown buddies.  Constructed a field next to parent's house with fence and strikeboard and decided we were good enough to compete in W4W.  Got put on the waiting list (back when there was one) for the HRL and accepted the invite for the 2013 season. Two division titles and 1st round exits later and here the Kards are.  As Drake said it best "we started from the bottom, now we here"


Once a speed guy and run producer in college, Meesta has evolved his wiffle game into the "power" type in the big leagues…or something like that.  Fueled by Taco Bell, Buffalo Wild Wings and excessive weight gain, Meesta hates to be on the base paths.  See ball, hit ball (over the fence hopefully) is hit motto. Works at the little known EVNE Live (formerly ShopHQ) in Eden Prairie as an Internet Merch. Specialist. His cube has no windows so thoughts of summer wiffles are what get him through the work days. Takes pride in his poor fantasy management skills and MN Twins devotion.   

Honors & Awards

2014 All-Star HR Derby Participant
Original Kardinals Manager


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