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Player Profile

The fourth worst hitter on his team in 2015, he's definitely not known for his bat, but his keen eye at the plate helped him tie for the league lead in walks in 2015. Had a 3 home run game once, which was all the round-trippers he hit for the season. Tied for the team lead in RBI's, so the very few hits accumulated at least weren't worthless, as he batted .166 for the year 2015. The unquestioned pitching ace for the team, he led the team in wins with 5, and also losses with 14. Dramatically improved in the final 2 and a half months of the year, managing around a 2 era over that stretch and piling up enough strikeouts and innings pitched to lead the league in both categories, while finishing with a slightly better than league average 3.84 era.


Full time server at a high class dining establishment known as Perkins. Also aspiring to be a top slumlord.

Honors & Awards

HRL leader in pitching strikeouts 2015
HRL leader (tied) in bases on balls 2015
5th most in HRL in batting strikeouts


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