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Player Profile

With an unorthodox half-swing approach, managed to get 60 hits anyway in first HRL season, which led the team. Far from fantastic on the mound, but did have a couple solid outings against good teams in 2015, in between terrible starts. He miraculously threw the team's (and his) first no hitter, despite being the second or third worst pitcher on the team. First All Star appearance in 2015 too. Led the league in AB's also in 2015. Fielding skills are improving after a miserable early 2015, where there were several costly blunders, which he'll never live down.


When he's not on the wiffleball field, he's delivering pizzas for the world famous Cheetah Pizza, located in some random strip mall in Edina.

Honors & Awards

Eagan "All-Star" 2015
1 No Hitter thrown 2015


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